Get More for Your Money with a Used Vehicle

With used cars lasting longer than ever, buying one is a choice that'll go easier on your wallet. Since we now live in an information-driven society of consumers, you'll be able to take the guesswork out of what you're really getting. There's also a perfect match for everyone with our huge selection of quality used vehicles. Whether you're looking for the best in a luxury sedan or you need to get the kids to a game, you'll find it at Audi Allentown. We also offer regular specials that will sell out quickly, so you'll always want to check with us to not miss out on the best offers.

A Choice You'll Feel Confident in Making

With vehicle history reports, you won't need to worry whether the previous owner was responsible and maintained the vehicle. You'll know exactly when maintenance was performed and what repairs have taken place. You'll also know whether the vehicle has had any major body repairs that may have been from a collision.

Many of today's used vehicles also have either an extended warranty that's available for purchase or the balance of a manufacturer's warranty. Covered repairs can save you both time and money as you'll have our used car dealership near Lehigh Valley available to handle all your needs. With a great reliable vehicle that you love, a great used vehicle is something you'll appreciate for years to come.

The Cost and Depreciation Savings of Used Cars

Since used Audi cars are typically cheaper to purchase than their newer counterparts, you'll probably save a great deal of money on your monthly payment. Depreciation occurs when a new vehicle is taken off the lot and continues throughout its lifespan. However, in the beginning, the depreciation is significantly higher. This means that the resale value will remain more consistent during the as years go by. If you choose to trade or sell the vehicle to a private party, you'll benefit the most from the transaction. Insurance costs also tend to reduce with a vehicle's age. You'll have all the benefits of owning a quality vehicle without all the significant costs of a newer vehicle.

You'll Have More Financing Options

With a used vehicle, you'll find that there are many other doors that open when it comes to financing your purchase. Since many lenders specialize in used car financing, they'll compete to win you as a customer. This means that terms are often favorable and there are several options that you'll have. Even those with credit difficulties or with minimal and no credit will find that there are affordable options. Also, if you trade a vehicle, you'll be able to apply that towards your down payment. Some loans will even not require a down payment. With a used vehicle, you'll find greater flexibility in the entire transaction from start to finish.

Our Used Vehicles Undergo A Thorough Inspection Process

When we receive a used vehicle, our certified technicians look it over thoroughly with a checklist. They'll make any adjustments or repairs to ensure it's a great running and looking vehicle. The vehicle receives yet another inspection prior to you taking possession. This ensures that nothing has been missed and you'll be able to enjoy the vehicle in top condition.

Explore All the Possibilities with Audi Allentown

With a used vehicle you don't have to give up quality to save money. You'll have access to luxury vehicles that might not have been possible with a new vehicle. We have a comprehensive inventory of quality pre-owned vehicles from Audi along with Acura, BMW, Lexus, Lincoln and Porsche.

We also take customer service seriously and dedicate customer satisfaction as our top priority. Our courteous, dedicated, knowledgeable, and professional staff will do everything to ensure you get the vehicle you love at the right price. You'll soon see why our Bethlehem, Fountain Hill and Breinigsville clients refer us to their family and friends. We'd love to have you experience everything for yourself by taking a test drive. Don't miss out on a great deal. Check our inventory and give us a call or visit Audi Allentown.