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  • Andrew Wallett
    General Sales Manager

    Andrew Wallett

  • Jimmy Breslin
    Finance Director

  • Sayed Ahmed
    Audi New Car Manager

    I've been in the automotive business for 12 years and have been with the Ciocca organization since 2014.  I will ensure every customer has a truly exceptional experience by listening to our customers' needs and finding the perfect vehicle for them.

    Outside of work I enjoy spending time with my family, bike riding, watching movies, and playing video games.

    Sayed Ahmed

  • Derek Tyner
    Audi Brand Specialist

    Hello, I'm Derek. I have a degree in Finance and Accounting from Penn State University and have been in sales for over twenty years. I worked in Finance and Sales at Wells Fargo Bank and Corporate Sales across the country with Dun & Bradstreet and CreditSafe USA. Being in the customer service industry now and being a consumer myself, I've learned a lot about how to treat potential clients. My goal is to change people's preconceptions about car salesmen and the buying process entirely: I help people purchase Audi's; I don't sell Audi's.

    Derek Tyner

  • Ross Banks
    Audi Brand Specialist

    I  have been in the automotive business for 6 years and I've been with Audi Allentown since we opened.  My main goal is to work with every customer to find the perfect car and make it affordable while making sure every customer gets a truly exceptional experience.

    Outside of work I try to be with my daughters Clara and Charlotte Rose and my fiance Emmie as much as I can.  I also like to golf, grill, and relax with my friends and family.

    Ross Banks

  • Nolan Santana
    Audi Finance Manager

    I will strive for every customer to  have a Truly Exceptional experience by actively listening to my customers before, during, and after the sale.

    With my free time I volunteer at the Children's Hospital in Philadelphia.

    Nolan Santana

  • Nick Chiaverelli
    Audi Brand Specialist

    I will strive to ensure every customer has a Truly Exceptional Experience by finding the perfect vehicle to suit their needs and by giving 100% customer satisfaction before, during, and after the sale.

    Outside of work I enjoy working out, playing sports, golfing and spending time with my daughter.

    Nick Chiaverelli

  • Zach Kring
    Audi Brand Specialist

    I just started in the automotive business here at Audi Allentown in June.  My number one goal is to provide a truly exceptional experience by sharing my passion of the Audi brand with my customers.

    Outside of work I enjoy grilling, spending time with friends, and gardening.

    Zach Kring

  • D'mitri Rebimbas
    Audi Brand Specialist

    I have been in the automotive industry since February of 2016 and with the Ciocca organization since September of 2017.  Ever since I was young I've had a passion for cars.  I will work tirelessly to make sure every customer I meet has a truly exceptional experience during their time with me at the dealership and after the sale.

    D'mitri Rebimbas

  • Adam Stranak
    Audi Brand Specialist

    I come from a long line of sales and customer service and I've been with Audi Allentown since October, 2017. I am committed to making sure that I have delivered a truly exceptional experience to each and every customer by providing 100% customer satisfaction, 100% of the time.  

    Adam Stranak

  • Andy Spengler
    Used Car Manager

  • Brad Jeschonek
    Audi Brand Specialist

    I am new to both automotive sales and the Ciocca organization as of February of 2018, but I do have over 8 years of customer service experience.  My goal here at Audi Allentown is to provide a truly exceptional experience, not only at the time of sale, but after the sale as well.  I look forward to working close with each customer to find the right vehicle at the right price.
    Outside of work I enjoy golfing, tennis, and other outdoor activities. 

    Brad Jeschonek

  • Kentyn Chambers
    Audi Brand Specialist

    Kentyn Chambers

  • Nick Marvelli
    Audi Brand Specialist

  • Anthony Vecera
    Audi Brand Specialist

  • Kyle Mundhenk
    Sales Manager

    I am going into my 4th year with Audi Allentown and the Ciocca Organization with 2018 being my first year as a sales manager.

    In my free time I enjoy rock climbing, spending time with my 2 parrots, and driving my S3.

    Kyle  Mundhenk

  • Marcus Davis
    Finance Manager

  • Andrea Fuller
    Audi Brand Receptionist

    I've been the Audi Brand Receptionist since June of 2015.  I will strive to help customers in any way I can by answering questions and directing them to the appropriate person.  

    When not at work I am a wife, mother of 3 dogs, two grown daughters, and I enjoy going to car shows with my husband.

  • Dianne Bucko
    Audi Brand Receptionist