There are many reasons why drivers in Allentown would want to buy an Audi Sedan, including their abundance, class, and affordability. The reason you can’t go wrong with an Audi Sedan specifically is that it is a reliable yet luxurious brand with high safety scores, high-quality technology, and trustworthy models.

Interior Design

Drivers from Bethlehem will love the beautiful and detailed design of the comfortable and luxurious interior of the Audi Sedan. Most models of these Sedans are more spacious on the inside than they seem on the outside with a roomy driver’s seat and the ability to accommodate up to five passengers. Every Audi Sedan has comfortable leather seats, interior lights that fade, and an illuminated glove box.

Easy Handling

Another great thing about the Audi Sedan is the way it can make graceful turns out of nowhere while muffling any noises on any road to create a peaceful quiet that all Fountain Hill, PA drivers will appreciate. Audi Sedans also include a powerful turbo-charged engine with a horsepower that allows for perfect merging at any speed and an all-wheel-drive to take on any type of weather in Breinigsville.


Most models of the Audi Sedan have power outlets that can charge any device, radio, CDs, and the ability to play music from your phone through a sound system with ten high-performance speakers. All technology is also user-friendly and easy to navigate. Every Audi Sedan comes with standard and premium safety features including a backup camera, pre-sense collision sensor, fog lamps, blind-spot monitoring with side assist, and easily adapting cruise control.

Test Drive an Audi Sedan at Audi Allentown

One of the best things about Audi Sedans is the huge selection of styles and models that drivers can choose from here at Audi Allentown. The S4 is nice and sporty while the S7 turns head with its great performance, looks, and speed. The S8 is stunning and full of luxury.

The most recent vehicle added is the A5 Sportback, which is spectacular, and the A3 is full of luxury and class. No matter which model you choose, you can’t go wrong with an Audi Sedan thanks to its versatility, good price, luxury, capability, and the comfortable driving experience it offers.

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