The future arrives and does so in an interesting way. Electric cars now appeared to become commonplace on roads. The Audi e-tron might shock competitors and leave consumers in awe. The electric SUV could become one of Audi's top sellers. The stunning features associated with the e-tron help the cause.

The battery's size and charging capacity help the SUV's path to popularity. Consumers want an electric vehicle that charges quickly and drives far distances. The e-tron does so on both counts.

And the e-tron delivers its performance in a sturdy frame. Would-be buyers who worry about safety may feel confident about the vehicle's construction and durability. The combination of an aluminum frame around the battery with a supporting honeycomb structure underneath adds to safety. And this model went through significant crash testing, too.

A test drive tells the total tale about an SUV. Come to our showroom at Audi Allentown and go for one of those drives.



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