When the Audi Q7 is parked in a crowd of cars, it stands out in a dramatic way. The main features that give this vehicle curb appeal are part of the exterior design scheme.

This Audi car has large, 2.1-inch wheels with sporty design elements. Around each wheel, there are five spokes that provide flair. Along the front on the vehicle, you'll find a bold grille that gives the frame character. At night, the grille shines because there are two LED headlights on both sides of the grille that illuminate the housing. The rear of the Q7 is also stylish, and it's very practical as well. Because there is a sensor underneath the trunk's housing, you can lift the door without using your hands.

Many Audi Q7 vehicles are available for customers at Audi Allentown. If you wash, polish, and maintain an Audi Q7, you'll have no problems keeping it in optimum condition.



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