Myths About Changing Motor Oil

Motor oil has a changed a lot over the years, so much so that some of the things that used to be true about it are no longer. In other instances urban myths have grown up around the subject. Here are a few myths about changing the oil in your vehicle.

Myth: You must change your vehicle's oil every 3,000 miles.
Reality: While that once was true, different formulations have been developed to allow you to go 5,000 miles, and in some cases, 10,000 miles between changes. Follow the oil manufacturer's recommendation.

Myth: If the oil is black, it needs to be changed.
?Reality: You want the oil to get dark because that means it's doing its job of lubricating your engine.

At Audi Allentown, we always follow manufacturer's recommendations regarding oil. Contact us with additional questions about oil service.

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