There are many different aspects of your vehicle that you should keep an eye on to ensure that your car never lets you down. One such component that literally is necessary to keep your car moving is the differential. Understanding how it works will aid you in making sure that it is always working properly.

The differential is a gearbox that lies between the wheels of that drive your vehicle, up front on FWD cars and between the back wheels on RWD cars. Vehicles with 4WD have differentials in both the front and rear. The job of the differential is to work with the transmission of transferring power from the engine to the axle that drives your car.

Regularly scheduled maintenance on your differential will keep your car run smoothly without noise. When it's time to get your differential checked, come visit us at Audi Allentown. We are conveniently located at 4725 Hamilton Blvd, where we'll get you serviced and back on the road.

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