Check For Leaking Fluids After Parking

A quick and easy way to make sure your vehicle is running properly and doesn't have any damaged or leaking hoses to check where your vehicle was parked after it has been sitting for a while. Some leaks can be barely larger than a pinhole, and it can take a while for fluid to leak out. But any fluid is too much fluid, and if you see any signs of leakage bring your vehicle into Audi Allentown for service today.

The hoses in your car transport extremely important, and in some cases dangerous, fluids to different parts of your vehicle. This includes oil, coolant, and gasoline. Without oil or coolant, or if your vehicle is too low on these, it will cause significant damage to your motor. Gasoline can even be dangerous and potentially cause a vehicle fire.

Checking for leaking fluids is a great way to ensure your engine doesn't suffer from an expensive or dangerous breakdown. If you notice any amount of leaking fluid at all it is important to schedule a service appointment at Audi Allentown today.
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